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Welcome to the Farm

"Everybody's got a story, let's write a book!"  - Elizabeth Rose


I recently retired from being a full-time cattle farmer.  I am a single woman of retirement age, very involved with grandchildren, traveling for fun, and education.

My purpose for starting a blog, primarily, is because there are people in my life over the years that have suggested such a thing! People from study groups, writer friends, etc.

I love Jesus, Creation and I’m intrigued with other people’s stories. So my intention is to meld the various parts together to show that other folks can, if they desire, attempt and accomplish difficult tasks.  This is not done by themselves but when their desires line up with their Creator’s, the Holy Spirit will give them strength, ability, whatever, to accomplish, for his purpose.

Please, join me on my journey, as I would love to hear about yours as well.

- Elizabeth Rose


Join Me On My Journey

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