Certified organic beef directly sold to consumers began in the fall of  2010 with ads placed in local newspapers and ‘word of mouth’ satisfied customers.  Pink slime caught the attention of the media and recalls were abundant due to E. Coli.  People were looking for a clean source of beef.


Our certified organic beef is a grass-fed herd and calves are grown and finished on grass and alfalfa.  A few are taken aside and fed certified organic grains raised here on our farm-primarily oats, which is the closest grain to grass seed.  Our customers comment regularly on the mouthwatering flavor of our beef.  

There is a choice of custom processing, which means buying a portion of a live animal and choosing the specific cuts and packaging for your household or purchasing a prepackaged quarter or half which includes a standard list of cuts that total a minimum of 110 pounds of beef for the freezer.  The list specifically includes the number of steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc. Also available for sale are the individual cuts of beef so that one pound of ground beef or various cuts may be purchased separately.  Additionally, beef bundles of 55lbs are available as well as a 15lb sample box which makes a great gift.

Of course, the most economical choice would be the custom processed beef since the customer may request all the bones, organ meats and tallow. 

All beef is processed in a federally inspected processing facility unless the whole beef is purchased and a specific processor is requested.  We would deliver to the processor of the customer’s choice within a reasonable distance.

At this point, we are without an organic processor for the finished steers for summer/fall of 2019. Individual health records are available on request.

A standard list of cuts in a quarter beef:

7 Tbones or New York steaks 

7 Rib steaks or ribeyes

4 sirloin steaks in one pound packages

4 round steaks or 12 packages stew beef

1 sirloin tip roast

5 pot roasts

1 rump roast

2 packages short ribs

2 pkg. soup bones

40-50lb ground beef

Minimum guaranteed 110lb of beef for your freezer.  Some substitutions may apply as discussed with the customer.



Of course, a crockpot is a convenient tool for a meal on busy days.  A chuck roast in the crockpot is an easy solution for weekday meals.  For sirloin tip, rump or eye of round, a very slow oven at the rate of half hour per pound of roast produces a succulent beef roast. Use of a meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of it-or eat when the roast is ready-when the slices are to your liking; rare, medium or well-done. This method requires a dry, uncovered roasting with no liquid added. 


We should be treating this meat as ‘tenderly’ in the kitchen or on the grill as the farm treats the animals in the field. Tough grass-fed steaks result from over-exposure to high heat, which causes the muscle fibers to contract tightly and become chewy and overly dry. For indoor cooking of steaks, once the steaks are seared, move the skillet to a 350-degree oven for 5-7 minutes per pound (or to a 200-degree oven for 10 minutes per pound).  During that indirect time, the internal muscle fibers will come up to temperature slowly without contracting too tightly and toughening. Also, the proteins and sugars will have time to caramelize over the surface of the meat, giving the steak that wonderful glossy look and rich taste.

For grilling, simply sear over a quicker fire, then move the steak to a lesser heat near the fire.  If using a wood fire, the meat is moved away.  If using a gas fire, the heat may be turned down. 

Happy cooking!