Our certified organic grass-fed Angus beef began with a few cows and heifers purchased from a well-respected breeder, McCumber Angus Ranch 30+ years ago.  After two years of studying and practicing herbal and holistic herd management, the beef herd was organically certified in 2008. 

It is a birth-to-plate operation, calving in April and weaning in late October /November.  Cows and calves roam the grass and alfalfa pastures all summer and fall with no creep feeding. A free choice feeder is accessed at all times containing kelp.  It is our only supplement used with the exception of vitamins for the calves during the progressive weaning process.

We administer Alpha 7 pre-grazing season to prevent disease known to our region.  It is a matter of humane treatment for the animal.

All cattle have access to free range within the boundaries of our pastures and paddocks year round.  The bulls are separated and have closer boundaries for breeding management. Wind shelter and winter provisions including excellent alfalfa rations help them maintain a healthy body condition.

Responsible organic producers use whatever means are necessary to the benefit of the animal‘s health. When there’s a need for antibiotics’ use, those animals are sold on the conventional market or to those customers without concerns for a modest dose. Herd health management is more extensive for the diligent organic beef producer in that attention to detail and monitoring the animals is key.  It may be fine to turn them out on new pasture or feed several days’ worth of hay in the winter, but that does not leave room to ignore them for a week at the time. Someone must be making sure their needs are met and attentive to behaviors.  Something as simple as two different age groups crowding at the water fountain will yield injuries and loss.  

This being said, the beef sold as certified organic has no antibiotics, no hormones, no pesticides or GMO’s.  Integrity is of great concern and the certification according to USDA standards is a step in the direction of trust between producer and consumer.  The best way to know your beef is clean and free of undesired inputs is to visit the farm to see the happy cows.  There you will see that they are not confined in small areas with little clean bedding or fed grains that are objectionable. Individual health records are available upon request.

We are pleased to offer certified organic grass-fed and finished Angus beef for sale by the individual cut, as well as, bulk in quarters, halves or whole.  We also sell whole muscle cuts by special order.