Organic producers of healthy foods take a different perspective on farming.  It starts from the ground up beginning with the health of the soil.  At Prairie Rose Organic Farm alfalfa is a key player in adding needed nitrogen while helping with the management of weeds. It also is key to delicious beef.


A rotation of small grains helps to balance soil needs for healthy crops. Certified organic flax, wheat, oats, barley, and rye are raised here on Prairie Rose Organic Farm.

Certified organic food-grade brown flax is available in small packages for kitchen use as well as in bags of 25lb  for keeping the supplies stocked. The health benefits of flax are many, including cardio, digestive, and joint lubrication as well as being a great replacement in low carb diets.  Flax is incorporated into many commercial foods now for the health conscious consumer.  The health benefits for pets are also well known and simply adding a tablespoon of freshly ground flax to your senior dog’s food will help bouts of inflammation. Try it for yourself if you have a bit of arthritis flaring.

Wheat is a  common grain for breadmaking and most of the certified organic hard red spring wheat is sold commercially to be used for bread of many types.  Wheat is also used for sprouting in order to extract the juice to boost the immune system. The balance of our certified organic wheat is sold as feed grade to poultry farms.

Rye is a grain used to help with weed suppression and the harvest is used for seed for cover crops.  We are interested in developing a market with an organic distillery.  Of course, rye is a low-gluten grain that makes flavorful bread as well.

Barley is a grain we are reinstating in our rotation.  At this point we have enough sprouted barley from a wet harvest season in 2018, to fatten feeder pigs.  The balance of high-quality barley will make good seed to increase.  Then we will entertain the idea of marketing to a local brewery.


Oats have been a steady crop that can be used for forage if hay is in short supply. If the grain is harvested, the straw is baled and used for bedding.  Oats is the primary grain, along with flax, in the finishing ration for the grain-finished beef.