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A Waiting Season

The best-laid plans often do not work out. It’s winter season now and the minerals and additives for the garden needed to be shipped and service was s-l-o-w. Since the Pandemic, many things wait on trucks and drivers to be delivered.

It was a late fall with beautiful weather but the ground firmed too much to spread and incorporate the minerals. It will wait until Spring. Waiting is often the hard part.

When there is a need for medical tests, we wait on lab results. When there is a conception of life there is a wait for birth. There’s so much to do for Christmas preparation and we wait in line at the stores…unless we order online, then we wait for delivery, which once again is s-l-o-w.

Advent is a waiting time for the Messiah to be born. Counting the days to the celebration of his birth, anticipation runs high for the Christmas gifts under the tree. Think of the waiting for many generations who walked with God before the baby Jesus, the Christ, was born. They waited with great expectation and in poverty on a bed of hay in an animal shelter, he was born. Let me say that again. He, the King of the Jews, was born into poverty as a low-life, as some would call it. Let it settle in your mind, that those who feel less-than may well identify with this. But more importantly, Jesus Christ identifies with every human on the planet, knows their needs and the feelings that go along with them.

Webster’s definition of advent includes synonyms: arrival, appearance, emergence, materialization, surfacing, occurrence amongst others. Think of the word adventure. Webster’s definition of adventure: an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. Do we even consider it an adventure to know Christ? If we look at the characters in the Bible…WHOA! Noah- building a huge boat in the desert, of all places, Daniel defying the king’s decree to continue his routine prayers to his faithful God, David, a lowly shepherd who became king! Deborah, a woman who led warriors in the fight, Rahab who hid the spies at great risk, Mary, who gave birth by immaculate conception. Yes, ma’am, I would say there’s plenty of adventure following God’s lead. And the account of Jonah, who ran from the Lord’s direction and brought on a great disaster in the form of a storm until the ship’s crew threw him overboard…and a big fish swallowed him…he prayed diligently and the fish spit him out on dry land. God is so kind. He didn’t punish Jonah, he saved him and provided an escape. Then there’s the apostle Paul who was a die-hard Pharisee, bent on annihilating the Way, having a complete and immediate change of heart-what adventures he had!

So many times we focus on the hardship and overlook the kindness and mercy of our loving God. If we would just allow our eyes to be opened to the protection, provision, and abilities he gives us for the tasks at hand. We would be so blessed there would be comfort and calm as we face the tasks and difficulties at hand. It would lend itself to confidence in our Creator and the confidence would help us stand strong. Read the historical accounts in any translation of the Bible.

Sometimes it seems God hears my plans, then laughs and laughs! He sends me in a completely different direction than planned. I will be waiting until spring for the garden to warm.

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