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Christmas Reflections

Settling in with the first cup of morning coffee goodness and the usual cheese toast, reading a little in Romans 11, my eye fell on the term ‘olive tree’. Timing is so interesting since yesterday in a conversation with my sister, the term ‘extend the olive branch’ came up.

She mentioned it. The origination was discussed and just now, I see how it so directly relates to the birth of Christ. He is our bridge, our go-between, our intercepter to bring Peace between God and humankind.

And not only that but last night, Christmas Eve, we watched “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Rich symbolism brings parallels with the story of Salvation.

And right there is the gospel message. No need for Christian terminology that creates a stumbling block. No need for wordy explanations.

Plain and simple yet so profound.

Peace on earth, goodwill toward humankind. Now celebrate with joy this Christmas Day.

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