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Peace That Surpasses Understanding

There is a peace that passes understanding, I am told. That’s believable since it seems to be elusive. Not only physical war but mental distractions and distress play heavily into the lack of tranquility.

Too many irons in the fire contribute to the state of mental unrest and distractions will undermine our goals. Even as I write this the realization settles in that we need relationships to reach our goals. Goals may include hobbies, business projects, family dynamics, personal healing- physical or mental, etc. All these things need relationships of some sort and the connection to calm seems evident. When we are on good terms with our sense of what is right- our Creator- we have that sense of calm. After all, the relationship with God through Christ is of the utmost importance.

So many thoughts on this topic cause me to stumble and stall here. Most of us wrestle with the right and wrong of life and the conclusion as we get older is that we did the best we could with the information we had at the time. Some conclude we could have done better and as we know better, we do better. Moral standards, conscience, and what bears our allegiance all make a significant difference in the decisions of life.

There is an ebb and flow to our business/personal decisions as they meld together, affecting each other. And within those walls, inside our mental, and emotional health, there is a need for Peace. It’s in our design, our natural inclination, to need our empty selves filled up with a Comfort and Grace unknown to humankind besides our Creator.

There are books written on the battlefield of the mind and the turmoil within. We hear and see the news of physical global war and the refugees needing safe places to live. Domestic violence has parents with children running for their lives needing safety. And someday the lion will lay down beside the lamb. But not yet.

Now, in the present, we must fight the battle of wrongs. C.S. Lewis wrote The Screwtape Letters with this in mind, certainly putting a humorous spin on it! If we may get the perspective of evil trying to lure us away from what is good and right, we might be able to withstand better. If we see the bait, we may not take the hook!

In so many ways we want a quick relief so there’s comfort from the pain of life. I speak these words to myself even as I write this. Divorce, death, loss of relationships, and trauma of all sorts play into the pain of life with which we must deal. And deal we must, or it turns into escaping into fantasy, illusions, and false ’truths’. It is so important to see the truth of a situation and not enable those we love to trample us. Mutuality between the genders would bring peace as well as kindness between all people groups and let greed die amongst those demanding power.

In my morning reading, Hebrews 7:2 is just one example of calling Jesus the King of peace. Peace with what? Peace with God. Christ is our advocate to our Creator, helping us make peace with him which will influence all areas of our life.

Peace to you this day as we each seek more tranquility in our lives.

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